From the Insane Blogger

When someone says blog, I instantly think of someone pouring out the events in their daily schedule, on how Mark can be such an idiot, or how the dinner with the Fritz family was just lovely. It’s a bottomless reservoir for writing (I mean, it goes on for as long as you live, and when you’re dead, you don’t care much about writing…). Admittedly, it just seems like such a bore. However, blogs can act as so many other things. You can use them to share profound thoughts about the world, rant at various political authorities (as opposed to doing anything about it), or share your art with the world. That’s what got me started.

I’m King Xia, sophomore-to-be at Garfield HS. I love to write, hence this post. It’s also the reason why I have a blog. That’s enough intro. If you were here to hear my life’s story, you’d be asking for an autobiography. So, moving on!

When my blog, Questionable Sanity, got started, I honestly had no idea what it was going to be about. I wanted to make it into something that would make people laugh, because the world needs more of that but, I didn’t want to make it into a spiel about my life. I started because I wanted to improve my writing. At the start of the life of my blog I had no idea how I was going to set about doing that. Now, my blog is (relatively) successful – the readership exceeded my expectations by more than a little – and it has a direction; satire and humor as a whole. Making people laugh is always great; I just had to get started.

That was probably the hardest part of this whole experience as a whole. As with anything, starting was the roughest thing. Once the “habit” of blogging set in, it wasn’t that hard to think of something to write about. On occasion, I’ve hit a wall where I’m not sure where to go, but a quick trip to the newspaper or anywhere on the Internet easily remedies that. Something that I’ve found definitely helps for writing – as my blog is more an outlet for creative juices than anything else – is to set goals publicly. Knowing I have one gives me more drive. For the first month of the blog’s life, to get myself into blogging, I promised readers a post a day. While I cannot comment on the quality on the posts, I made it a point to spew something out each day.

I’m glad to be a blogger. If you’ve ever considered creating a blog, go for it! Don’t feel restricted by what the norm for a blog is. Use it as a springboard for something new or exciting and that will generate readership. Having someone read what you write will make a huge difference in your attitude towards writing. Not to sound cliché, though I’m sure I am, but blogging is something everyone can enjoy. Blogs don’t have to be about your life. They just have to come from you.

Post by King Xia, guest blogger

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