Movie Review: Eclipse

 This is for all of you out there who, like me, did not feel the need to camp out in front of the nearest movie theatre on June 29. While I enjoy standing in public with a pale face and a shirtless male smirking at the world from my shirt as much as the next person, I decided that I was better off waiting a few weeks to see Eclipse. As you may have gathered, I am not the most adamant Twilight fan, especially after viewing the first few movies in the popular series. My expectations upon entering the theatre were not high, though I had heard this movie was supposed to be the best of the three. However, I did not know whether that meant it was exceptional or just better than the other two movies.

As the lights dimmed and the movie began, I was treated to a rather odd introduction of a man walking in the rainy Seattle streets. Putting aside my anger at the stereotypical buckets of rain pouring down, I wondered: where are all of the sparkling teen heartthrobs? A decent attack scene ensued, and then my question was finally answered when the picture changed to Edward and Bella in their meadow. Darn. I was actually forgetting about the main characters’ acting abilities (or lack thereof) until that moment. Predictably, the movie continued with copious amounts of monotone voices, shirtless Native Americans, and random kissing scenes.

In between all of the heartfelt discussions, choices, and questions, there were some decent fighting scenes interspersed throughout the movie. Victoria, the vengeful vampire bent on destroying Bella, appears in scenes whenever some type of action is occurring. As the prime villain in the movie, she takes part in entertaining chases, fights, and even stars in several dreams. The intensity brought to the fighting between supernatural creatures is worth seeing, though the entire movie is a slightly dulled-down version of the book. I compliment the director and screenwriter for fitting all of the major events in the novel into the two hour film. Overall, I agree with other reviews that this was the best movie out of the three, despite certain scenes that could have mirrored the previous two movies perfectly. If you enjoyed reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, the movie version is worth watching, even if only for the action scenes and rare glimpses of Seattle.

Review by Emma, teen blogger

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