Take 2: The Newest in Recycled Fashions

I was hanging out on 15th Avenue the other day near Volunteer Park when I was struck with an urge to shop. But where does one go from 15th? Downtown, sure, but you have to take the bus. I was not in the mood for a long walk. I made my way past Coastal Kitchen in the direction of QFC, when I found something peculiar: a consignment store nestled between the Dollar Store and Salon Ciba. I had never seen it before and was impressed by the window display. Naturally, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I came out two hours later with a pair of Prada (I know, right, Prada!) heels in my purse and a leather jacket on hold.

May we please take moment to appreciate the fact that I am now in possession of Prada shoes for a mere thirty-two dollars? The woman who had owned those shoes initially might have paid a thousand dollars! And what did I pay? THIRTY-TWO. The little maroon storefront across from Coastal Kitchen harbors an overwhelming collection of designer intermixed with the unbearably cheap. Take 2 only accepts clothing that is less than three years old, meaning everything is up to date, and most of the merchandise, with the exception of a Prada bag ($288) and a satchel from Michael Kors ($125) are under one hundred dollars!

Granted, a few of the items are for the older crowd and it can be difficult to find something that fits (there’s a reason people chose to consign some of the items), but overall, I definitely recommend Take 2 on Republican and 15th.

Post by Erin, teen blogger

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