Four of the Best Mystery Authors, part 4


 Sue Grafton is perhaps the most well-known of these four among teen readers, who may be familiar with her “Alphabet Murders” series, starring Kinsey Millhone. Millhone is a twice-married, twice-divorced, and extremely gutsy heroine who resides in the fictional town of Santa Teresa, California. Grafton’s books (which must be read in order – the first is A is for Alibi) make for quick, laugh-out-loud, entertaining reads. Though slightly predictable at times, these books are truly gems of the mystery world.

Grafton has not yet made it to the end of her series, which presumably will conclude with Z is for ??, which does add a certain amount of suspenseful waiting for readers who want to know the eventual result of Grafton’s beloved heroine. Most of the books come in a small, lightweight paperback form, perfect for reading on a plane, in a hotel room, or at the beach.

Post by Evan, teen blogger

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