Homework Help: Organization

Nothing can ruin a day like a dropped binder in the middle of class, especially when all the papers inside said binder scatter every which way upon hitting the floor. With a touch of organization, the papers can all stay inside the binder and the whole mess can be avoided. We have several tips for tidying up and getting organized that can simplify your life and make you a better student in general.

Emma’s Tips

  • Clean Your Space! – Whether it is a bedroom or just a desk, putting things away can instantly make the area much more maneuverable. Assign a place to everything you put away so that you can easily find it again. Make sure to periodically clean out your drawers, closet, etc. and give away/throw away the things that you do not need. They take up a lot of unnecessary space. Afterwards, you will be surprised what a difference is made by having a clear surface to work on – or even a clear floor to walk on!
  • Keep the Binder in Order – Throughout the school year, binders have a tendency to slowly decay into piles of crumpled paper, dried up pens, and eraser-less pencils. To avoid this mess, be sure to periodically purge your binder of unneeded worksheets and supplies. Place old schoolwork in a file folder in your room to keep for finals. Keep your binder well-stocked with working pencils and pens. Put all of your supplies in easily accessible pockets. Hole punch everything. Even if you only clean out your binder once every quarter, you can still keep it lighter and neater.
  • Use a Homework Planner – Most schools provide planners for students to keep track of their assignments. These are amazing tools that are not to be neglected! Whenever your teacher gives out homework, write the due date in your planner and check it every night. You can even write down other events, such as sport practices, concerts, etc. This way, you can plan out when to do your assignments so that they do not get in the way of any other activities.


’s Tips

  • Color-Code – As silly or juvenile as it might sound, color-coding is one of the easiest ways to keep work from all your classes organized. Pick one color for each class, then make sure that your binder, notebook, divider, or folder for that class all match that color. Also, if you tend to use note cards, mark them with the color of the class they are from.
  • Take Organized Notes – Everyone has their own style of taking notes. Whether you like highlighting, outlines, Cornell notes, or your own inventive style, to keep your notes organized, always make sure your style is consistent. If taking notes on loose-leaf paper, ALWAYS write a heading that includes your name, the date, the topic, and the class or teacher. If you prefer notebooks, start off by leaving room for a table of contents, and head each page similarly (always include the date and topic) so you can find what you’re looking for without having to leaf through every page of your notebook.
  • Get Ready The Night Before – You may have heard this one before, but believe me, it really does work. Getting your backpack or bag ready each night before you go to bed can save you a lot of trouble the next morning, especially if you’re the type that sleeps in till the last minute. Make sure your homework, lunch, supplies, etc. are ready to go, already packed and ready for tomorrow. After all, everyone knows how awful it is to get to school and realize you’ve forgotten that paper you just spent hours working on last night.


We know it’s a lot of work to stay organized throughout the school year as work piles up around you, but if you follow these simple tips, you will always be one step ahead and far from disorganized!

Post by Emma M. and , teen bloggers

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