Book Review: Mockingjay

 In this final installment of the amazing Hunger Games series (which also includes The Hunger Games and Catching Fire), Katniss Everdeen returns to fight the Capitol’s reign of terror for the last time.
The story begins around where the last book left off – Katniss has been rescued from the arena by the rebels, Peeta has been taken prisoner by the Capitol, and District 12 is now in ruins. An all-out war has begun between the districts’ rebels and President Snow’s army from the Capitol. The rebel forces are confident, but they believe that they will need Katniss’ support to truly have a chance at winning. In the midst of fear, death, and destruction, Katniss must make a choice – will she become the symbol of the rebellion, the Mockingjay, or will she refuse to contribute to the devastating war around her?
Though just as well-written and suspenseful as its predecessors, Mockingjay is by far the darkest and most violent of the Hunger Games novels. Death is at every turn, and the horrors of war are on full display. When compared to Mockingjay, The Hunger Games seems like just a page-turning adventure with a happy ending. Now, Katniss is older and wiser. She is plagued by nightmares and haunted by those who have died at her hands. She can barely keep herself going, always afraid for those she loves. “I am running on hate,” she tells herself. “When the energy for that ebbs, I’ll be worthless.” It is thoughts like this that can be heartbreaking for a devoted reader, yet we stay with our heroine even as her hope and resolve seem to fade.
As depressing as this may sound, do not give up on Mockingjay. The emotions that come with the storyline only show how truly well-written it is. After all Katniss has been through, it would not have been right for her final battle to be without some sadness. And as her faithful readers, we will follow her to the very end, no matter what it may hold.

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