Homework Help: School Supplies


School supply shopping can become fairly monotonous from year to year. While trying to stock up on paper and pencils, you find yourself drowning in markers of every color, neon duct tape, and the latest must-have bejeweled locker accessories. Sound familiar? Instead of purchasing the exact same supplies this year, try getting the following useful things to supplement your binder.

  •  White Out – Let’s face it. Everyone makes mistakes. If you just so happen to make a mistake while writing in pen, white out is an invaluable tool that can help you avoid a paper filled with scribbles and mistakes.
  • PostIts – These small sticky notes are my absolute favorite school supply. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can use them for everything from writing yourself a reminder about a homework assignment to marking some pages in a book. Post-Its are a key tool in organization, both in the classroom and out.
  • Mini Stapler – Imagine this: You are in class, all ready to turn in your final paper of the year, but the teacher doesn’t have a stapler! What do you do? You pull out your trusty mini stapler and finish your paper with style. These staplers come in handy at the most crucial moments, and even have optional colored designs and staples.
  • Sharpie – Nothing comes in handy like a nice, black Sharpie. This pen can be used in thousands of different situations, from last-minute presentations to cleverly outlined maps. You never know when you might need a Sharpie, and all the different colors make them extremely fun to shop for!
  • DoubleSided Tape/Rubber Cement – Though these two products are fairly different, they can be used to accomplish some of the same tasks. Move over, glue stick! Both the tape and the cement can stick papers and projects together and keep them together. They actually keep components stuck together (unlike some glue sticks), and they can make whatever you use them for look infinitely neater without visible tape or glue marks.
  • Three Hole Punch – This is a lifesaver when your teacher hands out sheets that s/he has neglected to punch holes in. All you have to do is take out your three hole punch (most can clip straight into your binder) and suddenly you have a paper with holes that fits right into your organized binder.


When you go supply shopping this year, remember these must-have picks that might be slightly different from what you usually get. Peruse the animal-shaped rubber bands if you must, but remember what will be useful when you need it the most in school.

Post by Callanand Emma M., teen bloggers

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