Being Multi-Lingual

If you are multi-lingual there are many advantages. What are they, and why are they advantages?

Multi-Lingual Sign by Malias on Flickr

Multi-Lingual Sign by Malias on Flickr

  •  Financial: The more languages you speak the more valuable you are to an employer and the higher salary you can earn. Being multi-lingual means you can also have more job options. You can speak a very commomn language like Spanish or specialize in a less widely used language.  Whichever you choose you’ll probably get a better salary than if you only speak one language. 
  • Socially: Speaking other languages means you can communicate with other people in your community who speak that language.  You can make new friends who have experiences widely different from your own.  If you have new neighbors with a teen your age who doesn’t know how to speak English you can help them with their English and learn their language too.   More than learning a language, you would also learn their point of view.
  • Mentally: Knowing another language makes you smarter.  Face it, you’ll sound cool if you know another language.
  • College: It looks great on college applications. Schools want a diverse student body.  If you speak another languages it can make your application look amazing  and unique.

If you want to learn another language check out some of The Seattle Public Library’s online Language Resources such as Mango Languages or Byki Online to learn a new language for free!

Post by teen blogger M. H.

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