Movie Review: Easy A

 When I first saw the previews for Easy A (at a showing of Eclipse, to be exact), I knew I wanted to see it when it came out. The witty banter and charismatic heroine shown were enough to hook me right away, so I waited patiently until it was released a few weeks later. I was not disappointed – Easy A was just as hilarious, clever, and entertaining as I had hoped.
The heroine of the story is Olive (played by Emma Stone), a high school nobody until she tells her best friend a lie about losing her virginity to a college guy. Within hours (minutes, even), the entire school has heard of Olive’s false sexual exploits, and she gains a new reputation as “school slut.” Olive is not upset, however – she eagerly welcomes her newfound fame. Things start to get more interesting when Brandon, a tormented gay boy from school, asks Olive to have a fake one night stand with him to make everyone think he is straight. Olive agrees (for a price of course – a Target gift card!), and her less-than-sterling reputation is solidified forever. Olive embraces her false persona with a new wardrobe, and in a moment of inspiration, she decides to embroider her clothes her with a red “A” for “adulterer” (a reference to The Scarlet Letter). It’s not hard to guess what happens at school the next day…
Overall, Easy A is a winner. It’s hard not to like Olive for her determination, independence, and fearlessness, and of course, her clever narration. Her parents (played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson) are also a hit – their combination of supportiveness and crazy humor is a highlight of the movie. There are plenty of LOL moments scattered throughout the movie (even in the most dismal situations), but there are also moments that truly capture the difficulties of being a teenager. The story can be unrealistic at times, however (Olive is far too likable to be a nobody!), and the ending is a bit too predictable and happy. That’s okay, though, since the movie is so entertaining. All in all, Easy A really is an easy A.

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