Read Shonen Jump

I found out about Shonen Jump magazine from ads in manga volumes. Shonen Jump is published by Viz Media, which also produces anime films and Shōjo Beat magazine. The word “shonen” is made from the kanji that means “boy”. Shonen Jump is concerned with manga and anime traditionally for boys, but lots of people like it. It’s generally more action oriented. Shōjo is geared more toward girls. Shōjo Beat manga deals with relationships and school life.

I decided to subscribe to Shonen Jump and I loved it. I couldn’t put it down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Shonen Jump got me to try more series I hadn’t been interested in. I realized how much Manga there is. I found One Piece– now one of my favorite series – reading Shonen Jump. SJ also introduced me to what anime is about. Before then, I’d only watched Hayao Miyazaki, but now I’ve found out about all the anime series available.

Subscribing to Shonen Jump costs more than a single volume of manga upfront, but overall you get several volumes worth of manga throughout a year’s subscription for less money than buying the individual volumes. You also save money because you don’t buy volumes you aren’t sure you will like. And, when you do buy volumes, you’ve already tried them out first. On the downside, SJ doesn’t always show the bonus material that’s included in the manga volumes. Also, the library has it for free! You can check out past issues from your local branch (or the current issue if you go down to The Central Library) or just read them in the library.

In every SJ issue, they advertise the manga volumes being published under the SJ brand that month. These ads let me know when I can buy new volumes or reserve them from the library. You get interesting alerts about anime you might like to check out. SJ also gives tips on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Naruto card games as well as free cards. I’m not particularly interested in either of those, but if you are, that would be an added bonus.

In conclusion, if cheaper manga series, news on new releases, and updates on cards and anime sound appealing, it would definitely be worth your while to subscribe to Shonen Jump.

– Post by Oliver H.

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