Toshokan Otaku: Neewollah

Ah, fall is here.  It’s my absolute favorite holiday for oh-so-many reasons!  Leaves changing into glorious colors, colder evenings and the rain that won’t stop for days, pumpkins everywhere & spicy specialties from our favorite baristas.  All of this is wonderful, but my favorite part of fall is…Halloween.  Not so much the ToT (I am at least nominally an adult), but all of the atmosphere around it.  Crazy costumes, lots of goodies, intentionally scaring the bejeebes out of each other.  I ❤ Halloween. 

Which, of course, made me think of i luv halloween this week.  It’s a crazed, gory, over-the-top manga that “celebrates” all things Halloween.  The library has it in print & as e-books, so lots o’ options there.  Warnings, it’s rated OT 16+ for Horror and the library has it in the adult collection.  As one reviewer put it: “At first glance, this book appears to have a Nightmare before Christmas meets South Park feel, though it is clearly not meant for those with a weak stomach. Placing itself in the comedy-horror genre, it offers more gore than laughs and even fewer scares.”  Ouch, so harsh.  But, she’s right.  Grab this book for the art and campiness of it (and, srsly, there’s no more Halloweenish book out there…well, maybe Hallo-wiener?  ;P), but don’t expect much plot:  “Believing that the apples they received at their first house of the night are the cause of the bad candy they’ve been receiving, the kids plot deadly revenge on the old lady who handed out the cursed fruit.”

My favorite review pretty much sums it up:  “Crass, tasteless, and brilliant.” – Newtype.

All that said, I feel I must provide another title, for those who don’t necessarily want the gross out.  Therefore, from the way-back, here is Pet Shop of Horrors, for your consideration.  This series has it all.  Great art, interesting yet horrifying tales, plenty of humor and horror, a mysterious plot that goes on for miles and an awesomely, otherwordly beautiful protagonist, Count D.  It’s like Tales from the Crypt (does anyone remember the tv show?):  there is no penalty without bad behavior.  Someone wants a pet and Count D provides them with a “special” pet that meets their needs.  He also gives very specific rules for dealing with the pet.  Some people fulfill those rules and live happily ever after.  Those that don’t…well, it isn’t pretty, but it is justified.

So, them there’s my Neewollah recommendations.  Do you have a scary, creepy, gory, funny, atmospheric comic that you love & would recommend?  I’m all ears!  Others I considered (and that you should check out) include:  Death Note, 07-Ghost, Yurara, and Bizenghast.

As a reminder, Anime Club meets from 4 – 6 pm on Tuesday, November 9th at the Beacon Hill branch.  Each month we watch a selection of brand-new, soon-to-be-released, and fan-favorite anime episodes. We also showcase new manga and partake of yummy snacks from Japan! Please join us!

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