Winter Nostalgia

Winter, for me at least, is a time of nostalgia. Snow and cold winds, scarves, hot chocolate and Christmas shopping… Walking along the street downtown just to see all the holiday storefront displays and the trees wrapped with lights.

Have you ever felt that certain things reminded you of this glorious season? I love remembering the events of previous years just by listening to a certain CD or reading a specific book. So what I bring to you today is a list of my favorite winter memory-reminders. Yes, memory-reminders. I have written it; therefore it is now a word. Here we go…

Nutcracker by E. T. A. Hoffman
The reasons for this are rather obvious, as the story is a Christmas tale, therefore automatically feels like winter. However, it’s an amazing story, and Sendak’s illustrations are beautiful. I read this every single year the week before Christmas, but whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s still a completely wonderful, satisfying read.

Twilight: Music From The Motion Picture
Okay, I am not a fan of Twilight. I don’t enjoy the books or the movies. But the soundtrack has this mix of eerie and cozy, which is a wintery feel to me, and I love it. So, Twilight lovers and haters, unite and listen to this CD!

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
When you’ve finished, you’ll immediately want to read the other two books in this mystical trilogy. The characters are lively and the descriptions in the book are vivid and clever. You’ll get so wrapped up in their world that you might cry (I did) when you finish the tale. Libba Bray definitely has some serious talent. Even if you disregard the other suggestions, read this book!

-Kenaia, Age 14
Teen Center Advisor

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