Picasso: A review

A Night with Picasso


Picasso is said to be one of the greatest artists who ever lived. I read about him in school, saw some of his paintings in textbooks, and heard his name mentioned in conversation. However, I never really realized exactly what he was famous for until I got to go the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum for Teen Night, an attraction where 1000 teens were able to get free admission to the museum and exhibit. SAM currently holds a vast collection of Picasso’s paintings and sculptures which they have put together to show the artist’s journey through life. From Picasso’s blue period to his surrealistic pieces, my favorite style of Picasso paintings had to be Cubism, for it was easy to get lost in a geometrically overwhelming painting, attempting to determine what a depicted object was before glancing at the title. The paintings had a range of color schemes, from rigid black and white lines to curving, free lines emphasized by bold and cheerful colors.

In general, Teen Night was a good way to attract younger people to see the works of Picasso, especially those like me who might not have realized what an incredible and rewarding experience it would be. With the teens getting the run of the museum, the other exhibits became popular, as well. I especially enjoyed the modern art gallery, filled with breathtaking works of art from gargantuan mice to abstract glasswork. Experiencing both SAM and Picasso together proved to be an evening filled with artistic contemplation that I am not soon likely to forget.

Interested in Picasso? The Seattle Public Library has a ton of books and movies about this great artist.

Art review by Emma, teen blogger

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