Battling Gourmets: Manga For Foodies

Those of you out there looking for something different,of you out there looking for something different, how about Foodie manga ? I have three examples for you in this post: Toriko, Mixed Vegetables, and Yakitate Japan.

 Toriko is set in an alternate universe where gourmet food is the highest priority. One of the top jobs is being a gourmet hunter. Gourmet hunters travel to the furthest reaches of the globe in search of the best meal. Toriko is a celebrated gourmet hunter who battles fearsome and delicious beasts on a daily basis. I like Toriko because it has huge battles, travel and adventure, and it’s also pretty funny. I enjoy the ridiculous reactions of the main characters, who are more enthusiastic than they are smart.

Mixed Vegetables is about the daughter of a baker Hanayu Ashitaba whose dream is to become a sushi chef. She meets a boy Hayato Hyuga whose family owns a sushi bar. Hanayu decides to start dating Hayato because she hopes to marry into his family.  What she doesn’t know is, he wants to become a baker. Mixed vegetables is a romance and school-life Manga, similar to Kitchen Princess.

Yakitate Japan is about a boy, Kazuma Azuma, who wants to create a national bread of Japan, a Ja Pan. (Pan is the Latin word for bread.) He goes to work as a baker for Pantasia – one of the largest bakeries in Japan. He gets sent to the South Tokyo branch, a small outlet. Kazuma soon enters several baking competitions and wins with his amazing experimental Ja Pan breads. And then Pantasia is taken over by a rival company, St. Pierre. In order to get back Pantasia, Azuma must win the ultimate baking challenge, Yakitate 25.

Yakitate Japan is a battle/comedy manga. The battles are unusual, however, because they don’t use weapons, but deliciousness to win. I like this manga because it’s funny and has complex and interesting characters. Also, I leaned lot about cooking!

Happy reading!

-Oliver H.

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