Book Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I finally got around to reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak after all my friends told me I had to read it. I have to say, they were right. The story is narrated by Death, which seems kind of spooky, but it really is actually super interesting. It’s set in Nazi Germany, before and during WWII.  Liesel Meminger, the main character, is being dropped off to her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Her brother dies along the way, and this is the first time she encounters Death. The whole story goes on about how she steals the Gravediggers’ Handbook, and continues to steal more books. She learns how to read from the Gravediggers’ Handbook with the help of her foster father, Hans. She gets to feel comfortable in her new neighborhood, and has a best friend Rudy Steiner. They secretly love each other, but you need to read the rest of the book.

Liesel’s life takes a bad turn, as her foster parents agree to take in a Jewish man named Max who saved her father’s life during WWI. She learns more about Max, and they spend countless hours in silence in the basement either reading or writing. The whole family, neighborhood, and Max have to come together throughout this whole story. When the bombings come, Liesel has a lot to get through. Overall, this book was absolutely wonderful! It’s about 560 pages long, but it’s so great that it doesn’t take long to read. It’s won at least 8 awards including  the ALA Best Books for Young Adults and Horn Book Fanfare. Go check it out!

by Alicia, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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