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During the holidays, there is an infinite selection of seasonal movies to choose from. It seems that the most popular choices are generally Dr. Suess’  How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the old classic It’s A Wonderful Life.  My personal holiday favorite was always A Christmas Story, the comical tale of an American family’s Christmas in Indiana during the 1940s. I can’t watch it without splitting my sides.

5th Avenue Theater's New Production

So naturally, when I found out about the 5th Avenue Theater‘s new production – A Christmas Story: the Musical – I was ecstatic. I finally got a chance to see it Dec 27 and it was anything but a disappointment. The kids performing in the musical did a fantastic job and the script was the perfect balance of the movie and something new. Unfortunately, the production just ended, though it may return next holiday season.


SHORTLY BEFORE THE SHOW, the 5th Avenue Theater offers something called “Student Rush Tickets.” Basically, anyone ages 25 and under can present a Student I.D. and receive discount tickets for any available seats in the theater. For A Christmas Story, Student Rush Tickets for any seat in the theater were $20.

If you are interested in more discount tickets for the arts around Seattle, check out Teen Tix. Teen Tix offers registered teenagers $5 tickets for dance, music, theater, film and art events in Seattle Center. There are a few exceptions, such as the Nutcracker and most Boeing IMAX movies, but several events outside of the Seattle Center are also available for the discount. Also, on Thursdays/Sundays, the $5 deal can be extended to a friend or family member who is not registered. To find this week’s discount preformances, view the Weekly Events Calendar. If you would like to learn more, click here. Teen Tix registration is free and a link to the Teen Tix Blog can be found under Push To Talk’s Blogroll.


Diva by Alex Flinn

There are a lot of great shows coming to Seattle Center in January. I am particularly excited for Seattle Opera’s The Barber of Seville, beginning January 15. Hope some of you will be there!

P.S. Opera was not high on my list for the longest time, but eventually I got around to reading a book by the notoriously good Alex Flinn and it completely changed my mind: check out Diva. And by the way — live opera is incredible! Especially when you get second row seats for $5.

– Maddie, 14
Teen Center Advisor

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