Bad Teacher- AN AWESOME MOVIE. Very Awesome.

Bad Teacher is a movie that centers around one teacher having to go from luxury back to her poor paying teaching job.

Elizabeth Halsey, also known as Ms. Halsey, is in desperate need of money for a more luxurious life. She was once married to this wealthy business man, but they divorced due to high levels of tensions and greed from Elizabeth’s side. The story plot goes off from there, showing her hilarious actions that ultimately aid her in the end. Elizabeth is a terrible teacher, showing movie after movie to her class instead of teaching. She meets a handsome teacher who has money and she wants to marry him, leading to her desperate need of a surgical procedure regarding breast enhancement. Elizabeth does many deeds in order to make money for her surgery. These actions include doing a school sponsored car wash while wearing minimal clothing in order to appeal to young men. Her co-worker Amy Squirrel is a ‘rival’ in some sorts to Elizabeth. They compete and try to outwit each other. At the end of the day, it is usually Elizabeth who wins. Elizabeth Halsey, in her desperate attempt to gain money, steals a copy of the state standard test to teach her class, since the teacher who taught the class with the highest scores get a high bonus cash reward.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I was watching this with a few friends and it created massive amounts of commentary relating to different scenes. The actors in this movie were also familiar to us. The actors are well known, such as Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. The best part about watching this movie was watching the evolving of Elizabeth throughout the book. Even though she finally changes in the end, she actually progresses worse with her pranks and pessimism in the middle of the movie. Each of her pranks and tricks were funnier each time. There was one instance where Amy’s plan to get back at Elizabeth backfired. Amy took Elizabeth’s desk because she wanted to expose Elizabeth (Amy thinks that Elizabeth cheated with the state standard), but the police come with dogs to sniff out drugs. Amy gets sent off to a terrible school because she had Elizabeth’s desk that contained drugs.

A main ‘theme’ or recurring idea in the movie is ‘freedom’, in a way. Elizabeth shows that she has no reigns and that she can do whatever she wants. She even influences a friendly co-worker to break out of her shell. Although Elizabeth may not seem like the best teacher, she does succeed in someways with teaching her class, allowing her class to throw a ball at her face whenever they answer a question correctly.

This movie gained positive reviews from my friends as well as with some critics. The scenes never drag on too long and there is always something that makes one laugh. Nothing can compare. The Hangover may be a movie that has similar ways of drawing laughs from the crowd, but I don’t believe that there is another movie that is similar to this one. It is one of a kind!

This movie is so funny, but there are inappropriate scenes for kids under the age of 18. Besides that, I would recommend this movie to anyone who wishes for a laugh and a fun night with friends!

Alice, 14, Teen Center Advisor

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