My Favourite Cheerful Books

I love happy books! They are my favorite books because they never fail to cheer you up. And the best cheerful books are usually fairy tales. Here are some of my favorite fairy tales, retold for teens.

Golden by Cameron Dokey

This book is the retelling of Rapunzel, with an unpredictable twist in the plot. Instead of Rapunzel having lengths of golden hair, Rapunzel is born bald instead. The story may have near the same joyful ending as the original fairy tale, but within the story, nothing could be more different and surprising.

Mira, Mirror by Mette Ivie Harrison

Retelling of Snow White. This cheerful book is about a girl named Mira, who is sold to a witch. The witch in this fairy tale obviously needs a magic mirror. So, she turns Mira into a magical mirror, and becomes the most beautiful woman in the world. But Mira is left alone on the wall, for a long time, until another girl finds her. This book is rather dark, but of course, it ends with a jolly conclusion.

Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey

Beauty Sleep is this enchanting book, retelling the story of Sleeping Beauty. The princess in this book learns that her curse says that she will die when she turns sixteen, and will affect her entire kingdom. Unwilling to allow this to happen, she leaves for the forest, and makes her way to her happy ending.

Snow by Tracy Lynn

This is the retelling of Snow White. A girl named Jessica is born. Her mother dies, and her father marries a greedy, vain woman. This woman also happens to be a clever scientist, who is very jealous of Jessica’s beauty. One day, Jessica is able to escape to her happy ending, but meets not seven, but five people who help her.

Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty & the Beast by Robyn Mckinley

This book, as it says, is the retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Honour, the youngest daughter, is not the most beautiful of her sisters, but she is the one that sacrifices her life for her father, and goes to live with the Beast.

Belle by Cameron Dokey

Belle is an average girl with a passion for wood carving. She is not the most beautiful of her sisters, but she has a dream of carving a Heartwood Tree, a tree that was thought to be magical. She must carve to save her father’s life, ending with joy and peace.

If you like cheerful books, these are full of happy endings!

Post by Connie, teen blogger

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