Book Review: This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer

You might remember that I recently reviewed Life as We Knew It and The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I just finished This World we Live In, which is the last book in the series. Alex (from The Dead and The Gone) and Miranda (from Life as We Knew it) meet although the story is told through Miranda’s journal entries.

The moon has been closer in orbit for a year and most of the people on the planet have died from starvation or other moon-related causes. For Miranda normal life is gone and the challenge to survive increases when her father reappears with  Alex, Julie, Charlie and a small baby. With more mouths to feed on a small amount of food, it seems that they may not be able to survive. When a tornado hits their town of Howell, Miranda decides it’s time to move on to a safer place with better prospects for feeding her family.

I had high hopes for this book despite the many negative reviews I heard from my friends, however I have to agree that the characters are inconsistent and let you down. For example, one moment Miranda thinks Alex is some stuck up preppy boy and the next moment they are kissing and hugging. Also, Alex wants to be a monk when he is older so their relationship can’t work out. Miranda’s older brother Matt turns into a jerk in this book after being a caring big brother in the first one. His wife, Syl, is also rude by stomping over every rule in the house. The only characters I liked were Charlie and Julie, and they both die near the end.  This book was very disappointing after how much I enjoyed the first two.

by Andrea, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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