Grim and Gorgeous: Faerie-Stories To Make You Shiver

Do you like stories about fairies?

No, not the ones with happy little Tinkerbell-esque creatures and giggling winged girls who live in flowers.

Real fairy stories, ones where the fairies are sometimes good and sweet, sometimes cruel and malicious, and sometimes just indifferent.

In essence, stories where the fairies are as flawed as the humans.

You do? Then try these books:

Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr

Haunted by the ability to see faeries that are invisible to everyone else, Aislinn
lives her life by a set of simple rules designed to keep her ability secret, and her safe. What will happen when her rules aren’t enough anymore?

Dark and bittersweet, Wicked Lovely is a story of love, revenge, and the overlap between the two, and it is as addictive as good chocolate.

Hunter’s Moon, by O.R. Melling

Cousins Gwen and Findabhair have been planning a trip around Ireland since they were young, and in the summer when they’re 16, they finally go for it. They expected a bit of trouble, they hoped for adventure, and maybe, deep down, they even dreamed of finding something supernatural. What they didn’t expect was to be swept up in an eons-old battle to save Faerie—and a fight for their lives.

This faerie adventure story by an Irish author is fast-paced and fun.

The Hollow Kingdom, by Clare B. Dunkle

Beautiful young girls have been disappearing from the forests around Hollow Hill for centuries, but it is the 1800s when newly-orphaned sisters Kate and Emily journey there to live with their uncle, and fairy stories are just old wives tales to them. But as time passes it becomes harder for Kate to ignore that someone—or something—is watching her. Hollow Hill holds a secret, and it is one that threatens to swallow the sisters whole if they aren’t careful.

The Hollow Kingdom is a book that defies expectations—a quiet love story where you expect a tragedy, and a fight-for-your-life adventure where you expect a love story. Furthermore, it is imaginative, original, and touching, and is ultimately a story about finding joy and love where we least expect it.

Other Recommendations:

The Folk Keeper, by Franny Billingsley
Blue Girl, by Charles de Lint
Little Grrl Lost, by Charles de Lint
Tithe, by Holly Black

Post by Rheannon Lyons, teen blogger

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