Shops in Seattle: DeLaurenti

Though located at Pike Place Market, a major Seattle landmark, it seems few people I know have heard of DiLaurenti. It’s a little European shop that sells all sorts of Italian imports; cheese, crackers, chocolate, oils, unique salts, salami and loads of other items.

Recently I bought a bar of ‘white citrus’ chocolate there – it was delicious! An unusual but entirely appealing combination.

I was also delighted with my discovery of some chopped up octopus tentacles in a box.

I don’t eat seafood, ESPECIALLY not octopus. I just thought it was hilarious that this ‘Spanish Octopus,’ as the container proudly proclaimed, was sold in a cardboard box. Probably inside a tin within the box, but still. A box!

So… I bought it for my friend as a birthday present. Yes, I’m weird. But that’s beside the point.

DiLaurenti is by far my favorite shop at Pike Place. Plus, there’s a doughnut stand just across the hall.  It smells wonderful – don’t even try to resist the temptation of fresh, fried, sugary doughnuts.

I know your mouth is watering. Why wait? Put this doughnut cookbook on hold at your library!

Post by Kenaia Neumann, 15
Teen Center Adviser

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