Cold weather tips

Brrr… The weather in Seattle has hardly ever been so cold! Remember that mild winter from last year? Well this year, and this week, the temperature has been struggling just to get to a few degrees above freezing. Snow is great, but the bitter cold is not!

Here are a few useful tips to warm yourself up, and keep your mind busy in these cold days before the beginning Spring.

Drink hot cocoa by the fire: sipping hot drinks is a great way to warm up!

Listen to music and dance to it.

Have a snowball fight.

Catch up on new videos.

Knit socks and mittens, then wear them.

Rub your hands together, while thinking deep, warm thoughts.

Rub petroleum jelly all over your hands, they are sure to warm you up!

Mix cinnamon oil with a few drops of olive oil, and rub them over your hands. Be careful not to get them in your eyes.

Use your hair dryer to heat up your mittens before you leave the house.

Wear a hat; your body loses heat from your head.

Try a visualization technique:

Relax and tell yourself: “My arms are heavy and warm.” (Repeat) Feel the energy flow through your body, and let your mind sink in. It’s all in the mind!

Snuggle up under a blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy your favourite book, from the Seattle Public Library. 😉

Learn more about how to stay safe in cold weather with this book.

Post by Connie
Teen Centre Advisor

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