No Wheaties Allowed


I don’t know how many teens are wheat/gluten-free, like me, but I think there are actually quite a few of us. There’s a pretty big market for gluten free products right now, and people who are celiacs or are avoiding wheat/gluten are being presented with far more options than they have been in the past. Great news for anyone (especially me) who loves to bake! 🙂

Recently, I’ve discovered a number of fun gluten-free cookbooks. My favorite so far has been Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free. Everything I’ve tried is fun, elegant and delicious. The pancake recipe yields the best freakin’ pancakes on the planet! They are AMAZING. I may never use another pancake recipe again… I’ve also included a picture of some almond cakes with raspberry jam I made. 

So… want to start baking? 🙂

Post by Kenaia Neumann, 15

Teen Center Adviser

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