Book Review: The Maximum Ride Series, by James Patterson

Do you need an adventure book to read? A book that really has a lot of action? Or better yet is your name Max and you would like to read about someone that is really cool and awesome like you? I think that you might like Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson. It is about this group of kids called the Flock who are 2% bird and 98% human. They all know how to fight really well and since they have wings, they can fly. They are constantly being chased by other hybrids that are part wolf and part human. There are lots of fights and action throughout whole series and some blood and gore if you are interested in that stuff. Best of all, the Flock teaches you how to evade evil scientists that are after you so they can turn you into lab rats and destroy half of the world’s population. So, if you are interested in getting in on the action and finding out what happens next to Max and her flock, check out the first book in the series.

Simone, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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