Billy Elliot Comes to Town

The Seattle Paramount is hosting the new Broadway hit, Billy Elliot, coming March 22. Billy Elliot tells the story of an 8-year-old boy (consequently named Billy Elliot) living in a small English mining town during the Miner’s Strike in the mid 1980s. Billy suffers from the loss of his mother and takes boxing lessons to please his father, though he cannot stand fighting.  Eventually, he meets the ballet teacher (whose classes are right after boxing) and gets sucked into dance. Billy is a natural, though his family would never approve of his new passion. The musical follows Billy as he follows his dreams.

I was fortunate enough to have seen this in New York on Broadway during midwinter break and I can tell you that this heartwarming story is extremely touching and the youth actors are incredible. For what the production lacks in vocals (hey, no 12 year old is Idina Menzel) it completely makes up in dance. The story has its witty moments, as well as its sad ones and overall makes for a musical you will not regret seeing. There is a lot of history to this musical, as well as strong language — the website says that the production is suitable for 8 years and up and though I love the musical dearly I must disagree. This is not one to bring a younger sibling to, inspiring as it is.

The musical was based off of the movie, Billy Elliot. The score was written by Elton John and I will warn you now that the musical is VERY Elton John, so don’t be caught surprised by boys wearing dresses and singing about being yourself. It’s the best part of the whole musical.

Again, I highly recommend seeing it. Clips from the show are on the website and there are still tickets available!!! Hope to see you there (I am definitely going again).

– Maddie, 14

Teen Center Advisor

p.s. Do you know why so many world premieres and new shows come to Seattle? It’s because we’re such an awesome audience and are a good gauge for how the rest of the world will react. 🙂

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