Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain is a great vacation place, especially in the summer. There are beaches and many quaint restaurants. You can visit the Miro museum and the Olympic stadium on the top of Montjuic. There are Gaudi houses and buildings all over the city. There is the Sagrada Famillia and Gaudi’s park. I recommend going to all the Gaudi places including the Sagrada Famillia, his Park Guell, and at least admiring his houses from the outside. Everything is so wonderful.

There are a lot of adventures to be had in Barcelona.  You can take the bus or subway all around the city. There is a Funicular (tram) that can take you up to Montjuic. For fun wander through the narrow side streets where there are hidden shops and random works of art and see what you can find. Also I recommend stopping in a chocolate shop and getting hot chocolate and churros (a long fried pastry with cinnamon sugar), or in a sandwich place like Vienna and order a bocadillo (sandwich on French bread) with cheese or meat. For lunch find a restaurant and ask for the menu of the day. In Spain lunch is the biggest meal, which means the menu of the day will be too, so if you think that that will be too much for you to eat I recommend finding a tapas (small plates) place. Tapas are also a great dinner option. I will always remember Barcelona as the place where I drank the most Fanta ever.

There are drawbacks:  There are pickpockets, especially on Las Rambla Catalunya (the main market street), so watch out. There aren’t very many “American” shops and none carry American things in them, so if you miss things from home, too bad. There is also not a lot of shopping for Barcelona souvenirs unless you like tourist shops.  Be prepared to immerse yourself in Barcelona culture if you visit.

The library has materials on travel in Barcelona and on Gaudi that will help you plan a wonderful Barcelona vacation.

Simone, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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