Psychology Today

I’ve always been super interested in psychology because it’s all about how our minds work and why we act in the ways that we do.  That said, Psychology Today is a monthly magazine that, according to their website, deals with “all aspects of human behavior and mental health”.  But even if reading about the inner workings of the mind doesn’t sound all that riveting to you, I can assure you that the articles are largely written in a very accessible way, and that they cover all sorts of topics (and usually from rather unique angles).  For instance, there’s an article in this month’s issue that talks about the psychology behind the assumptions and generalizations that come with some hair colors, namely lighter colors like blond.  I don’t mean to give away too much about the article but it goes into a very fascinating analysis of society’s reaction to both blonds and brunettes.  This is obviously written mostly for people who have not studied psychology but are still interested in the aspects of it.  So, if you’re like me and you have no psychology class to take at school, this can be an enjoyable alternative in an easier format than that of a textbook!

You can even read it for free at the library!

Also, for more information on the magazine along with other psychology related links, visit the magazine’s website here.

Iva, 15

Teen Center Advisor

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