Shouldering Surgery

During mid winter break, I learned that I am going to need surgery on my left shoulder. This is because I dislocated my shoulder four times over the course of a year and a half. The first time was on Veterans Day in ‘09 when I flipped over my bike handlebars and landed directly on my shoulder. The second time I was attacked by little kids while I was playing basketball, and I wrenched my arm backwards trying to defend myself. The third time I did a belly flop into the pool at my camp, and the fourth time I dislocated it reaching down to touch the floor in basketball. The last time, my arm didn’t go back into the socket by itself, so I had to go to Children’s Hospital with my dad. The doctors told us that I had an extremely bad injury for someone my age, and that the chances of reinjuring it without surgery would be around 85%. And that would be for the rest of my life. If I got surgery though, the chance of reinjuring would drop to around 15%.

To actually meet with the surgeon was a long waiting process. The surgeon we met with is the in-house surgeon for all of UW athletics, so he is very popular. We waited for two months just so we could hear what we already knew: I should get surgery. The surgeon and his resident were the nicest and funniest doctors I’ve ever talked to, and they seemed to want what was best for me. I’m getting my surgery in late May, and I know everything will go just as it should.

The library has a lot of material about surgery, including guides from diagnosis to recovery, as well as information through the subscription database: The Health and Wellness Resource Center (you will need your library card and pin number to log in, search for “shoulder surgery”.)

Ethan, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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