Remember that Game. . . ?

Recently while cleaning out the area around my computer desk, I discovered a small pouch containing all sorts of old disks. Among them were some of my favorite computer games from way back in elementary school. A few that I found were Age of Empires II, and its expansion, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, and Age of Mythology. It took me a while to install Age of Empires, and it really didn’t want to run, but eventually I managed to get it up and running. The feeling of playing that game was absolutely amazing. This was what I used to do all through fourth and fifth grade until Age of Empires III came out and we got a new computer. I am not sure if I have even had such a feeling of déjà-vu as I listened to the game start up and display the start menu, with its incredibly distinctive music that I could instantly recognize. I played it for hours, and although the colors and pixels were really messed up, the game play was the same as it always was. All the different civilizations were the same as I remembered them, with their specializations and the amusing sound clips every time you clicked on a unit or building.

This game was the one that actually got me interested in medieval history, and I remember my favorite book that I read during that time was called Blood Red Horse, which is a story set in England during the crusades. It has great historical information, and is very exciting.

If you play a lot of video games and want a little help, try some of these books for codes and cheats.

Post by Eli, 15

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