Spring Crafts

Photo by El Frito, courtesy of Flickr Commons.

Now that it is finally spring, it is a great time for some spring crafts.

For Earth Day:

Try one of these Springtime Necklaces:

1) Cut up some fancy, spring-like fabric strips. The fabric strips should be about 5 inches in width, and however long you wish your necklace to be.

2).  Tie a knot on one end.

3). Now you can string on beads to the fabric, for the perfect spring-time accessory.

Make a simple birdhouse out of a milk carton, tape, paint, and scissors.

1).  Make sure that the milk carton is clean and dry.

2). Cover the entire milk carton for masking tape.

3). Paint the entire carton.

4). Cut a  4 inch diameter hole in the bottom of the carton, and two 2 inch holes in the top.

5). Attach a string to the top of the carton and hang from a tree. Don’t forget to fill with birdseed!

Follow the links for more spring crafts and for more general craft books.

Post by Connie

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