Fresh Art from Ballard High at the Ballard Branch

 Ballard High School has amazing artists and art teachers! A show of student art work is currently up at the Ballard Branch Library. There are over 250 original pieces on display throughout the library through Friday May 20th

Let’s hear from two of the nearly 40 artists whose original work is on display.  Nigel, Ballard High School junior, says:

My favorite subject is people. Whenever I see a hideously disfigured human stroll down the block I think “Man, I need to draw that!” When I am on a creative roll is when I feel most peaceful, yo.”

Another junior at Ballard, Bjorn, says:

“I like drawing monsters, but I wanna make them seem like they got their lives together. Like even though they monsters, they’re not hidin’ under some basement stairs”.

This Saturday, May 14th from 6 -9 pm the Ballard Branch Library will stay open late as part of the Ballard Art Walk.   Everyone is invited to enjoy art, music, videos, and food – and admire the work of the wonderful artists who attend Ballard High.

This 5th annual Ballard High Student art show is a collaboration of the Ballard High Art Boosters and the Seattle Public Library – Ballard Branch.

Lynn M. /Ballard

2 thoughts on “Fresh Art from Ballard High at the Ballard Branch

  1. Susan Sullivan

    The art in the library is fantastic! Everyone who enjoys the 2nd Saturday Ballard Art Walk needs to plan on a stop at the library! By the way, both Nigel and Bjorn are juniors, so hopefully they will be showing more work next year too!

  2. Wally

    Thanks, Susan, we corrected the boys’ class year, and we do hope to see more art from them in the future!


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