Putting the Ultimate in Frisbee

My favorite seasons are spring and summer.  My main reason for loving spring is because it means that I can get out and go play Frisbee with the Roosevelt Roughriders. Although Frisbee at Roosevelt is a club sport we had a huge turnout this year; there are 73 people on our coed team.

I recently interviewed one of the girl’s senior captains, Morelle. When asked why she likes Frisbee, she replied, “ The players are awesome and the sport has a great feel to it. Everyone becomes pretty close over the course of a season.” Her favorite part of the game is “that there aren’t refs so players need to solve issues between themselves.”  My favorite question to ask her was what do you do before each game to pump you up? “ Listen to pump up music with friends in the car.”

Oh yes we did. Last week we played U Prep up in Shoreline. On the way up we listened to the radio and told funny stories about family members. I also interviewed the other girl’s senior captain, Anna. She told me that the reason she likes Frisbee is “It’s a very social sport, which is really great. I like that there is a large emphasis on sportsmanship and cooperation.” She also says that her favorite part of the game is that it is “self-officiating, I like that team cooperation is a main component of the sport.”  When asked who her favorite teammate is she says “ My favorite teammate is Morelle because we’ve played together every year we’ve played. We’ve been through a lot.”

This year our girl’s team and boy’s Varsity teams got a bid for Westerns. Getting in at Westerns is like the equivalent of getting in to the high school nationals. Westerns are a tournament for the best teams west of the Mississippi river. This year we also got two bids for Spring Rein. Spring Rein is where a lot of ultimate teams from all over the northwest get out and play some serious Frisbee.

Here’s a book in case you want to see what it’s all about:

Mika, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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