Joy of Push-ups

Most people don’t like doing push-ups but I don’t mind them at all. I enjoy  that there are many push-up variations.  Here are a few of my favorites

1) The original push-up:

Lay flat on the ground. Your hand should be shoulder width on the floor, then go up and down repeatedly, keeping your back and legs straight. Try to have your elbows make a 90 degree angle or less each time you do a push-up without your chest touching the ground. Push-ups work your chest and your triceps.

2) The clap push-up

This is like a normal push-up except instead of going up and down you clap in between a pushup with your hands. Sounds tricky?  It is hard. Most people (I haven’t been able to do them yet) can’t do it unless you’re super buff or you’re a push-up prodigy. Use it to show off to your friends. Again, works out your upper body.

3) The triangle push-up

In this push-up you position your hands to form a triangle on the floor.  This method is a little harder but try to go low as you can without falling or touching the ground. Works out your triceps and upper body.

4) The rotational push-up

These are easy ones and friendly. I say they are my favorites. You do a push-up, then one arm comes up to the sky, rotating your body. You put your arm back down again and do another push-up. You then take the other arm and bring it to the sky. Put the arm down do a push-up. Repeat with other side.

There are many types of push-ups and you can even create your own.  Every time you get your body moving, that’s a step towards a healthy you.

If you want to know more about pushups check out some links down below ↓↓↓
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Health and Wellness Resource Center
Library card and pin number required…

Andrea, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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