Looking at Th1rteen R3asons Why

Th1rteen R3asons Why begins with Clay receiving a box of cassette tapes from Hannah, who had recently committed suicide and who Clay had been in love with.  At first, Clay is seized by curiosity as to why Hannah took the time to record the tapes, and what she hoped to say to him in them. When it comes to light that she is sending the tapes to the people that contributed to her desire to kill herself, he is in denial that he had any part int it. So he steals a cassette player from his friend and uses it to listen to Hannah’s tapes, all the while traveling to the places she told him to. As he continues on this audio journey, he learns many things about Hannah, including how untrue some rumors were and how badly she felt inside.

This was a wonderful book overall, though I felt it left some questions unanswered. The first was, despite the class on how suicidal thoughts might affect someone’s outward appearance, why did nobody notice the obvious signs? But even I felt that that part of the story made sense, for who would notice it in the real world? This book really delved deep into how people think of and see the world we live in, and how events have the potential to change that. It was a really emotionally moving book, with a strong plot even though there was not much action to the book.

Post by Carmen, 15

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