These AP Tests are Making Me Crazy

A battered up copy of Princeton Review’s “Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam” currently sits on my lap under this laptop. Opening the review guide exposes my eyes yet again to the pages and pages of seizure-inducing colors sprawled on random chunks of text. I’m sure I would’ve gotten a seizure if it wasn’t for the fact that my eyes have probably evolved and become accustomed to the same neon shine of the colors I’ve been staring at for the past week. Studying for the AP U.S. History test is not fun.

Especially when I’ve just come home straight from an AP Japanese test, exhausted and tired, and knowing that I can’t stop even for five minutes to take a break because my AP U.S. History test is tomorrow. I still have a hundred pages to go over and highlight. I still have a list of Presidents I need to look over. I still have a timeline I need to implant in my brain. And as if there isn’t enough studying I need to suffer through, I still need to study and practice for my SAT test on Saturday as well. Three standardized tests, three days in a row. My life has never been so exciting. And it doesn’t help that my testing area is an hour and a half drive from my house. I’m also supposed to take the AP English and Composition next Wednesday.

The past week, I’ve been taking my review guide almost everywhere with me. While I cooked dinner two nights ago, I made my sister flip the pages for me while I sautéed a vegetable dish. I was relieved no oil splotches splattered on those pages. I took my review guide to the hospital so I could cram while I waited for the doctors. I even refused to stop reading about the Jacksonian period in Chapter 10 while I was supposed to be diligently following along in PreCalc, finishing a lab report, or actually practicing during Orchestra. I swear that by the time I’m done with the AP U.S. History test tomorrow, I will personally go out of my way just to buy a box of matches and light this review guide on fire. I will then sit back and admire my work, watching the beautiful flaming mass of redemption. ….Perhaps I will burn my AP English and Composition review book after I’m done slaughtering it with neon highlighters as well. At least now I have something to look forward to.

Here are some library materials that can help you with your AP subject tests.

Vivian, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Library

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