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Summer is nearly here! The weather has been amazing- I even got SUNBURNED the other day! So, as school is nearly out, I’ve decided to fill your head with things you can do to fill those gorgeous, endless summer days with entertainment. 


Be Athletic: Bike to school, or just around the city. Take a walk through the sculpture park downtown, or go for a run along Lincoln Park at sunrise. Set up a volleyball net on the beach and slather on sunscreen for a day of friendly competition. 

Get Creative: You know that box of junk that’s just sitting in your closet? Make something out of it! A mobile, a lampshade… I suppose what you can make out of it depends on what it is. Or you can find other ways to be creative, like using’s “newspaper nails” idea.

Snail Mail: A friend and I have started doing this lately. We got the idea from these artistic yet chilling books, Griffin and Sabine. They’re told entirely in these extraordinarily unique postcard illustrations. Anyways, my plan for you is this – snail mail is fun to receive, right? It’s just so disappointing to open the mailbox and discover junk mail, bills, and more junk mail. So pick a friend and start scribbling! This especially works if you happen to be traveling in the summer, because you and your buddy can then communicate using actual post cards. 

Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Check out some cookbooks from your local branch (a fun one is The Ultimate Smoothie Book) and start cooking! Or baking. Or mixing drinks. Whatever happens to be your cup of tea. 

Go Outside: Of course. It’s summer. Why on earth would you sit inside and watch TV when you can climb trees, explore forests, swim at one of the many beaches on Lake Washington, or set up a lemonade stand?

Volunteer: There are a lot of summer job or volunteering opportunities over the summer, and pretty much all of them are fun, get your service learning credit, and look good on a college application. Check out the O2 (Outdoor Oppurtunities) program. I’m doing this one, and it is a TON of fun. Not only does O2 get to volunteer at local events, like the International Children’s Festival, but they also do things like go to Mariners games (for free!) and play ultimate frisbee

Read: Is it just me, or is summer the perfect time to read all those cheesy, lighthearted novels you’ve been skipping over (think Cindy Ella) in favor of the quality literature (like Airborn or Handle With Care)? Or you could read a summer-related book, like Rules Of The Road. Either way, I’m assuming you’re going to read SOMETHING if you’re already looking at this blog.

In other words, have a great summer. Get out there and live in the moment, and don’t be afraid to try new things!

–Kenaia, Teen Center Adviser


  1. Sofia

    Airborn is one of my favorite books! I read it last summer, and last night I just picked up Half-Brother by the same author!

  2. Kenaia

    Oh, I haven’t heard of Half-Brother, I’ll have to read it. The rest of the Airborn series is epic too, have you read those?


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