The Black Swan(s)

There are now two pieces of media that I know of called The Black Swan. And they are a book and a movie. The latter came out in the fall of 2010, and the lead actress is Natalie Portman. It is a psychological thriller, and although I know a few teens that saw it, the movie well deserved its R-rating. The images were terrifying at times, and Nina’s descent into madness provides a sharp contrast to the apparent beauty of ballet.

The book mentioned is The Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey. It is a teen fantasy book that deals with the need for redemption, and the will to please one’s parents. The main female character, Odile, is constantly seeking to please her father, Baron Eric Von Rothbart, and admires him and believes all that he says. However, she starts to wonder if the swan women, who were captured for betraying the men in their lives, are being unjustly punished. She grows into a character beyond the single seductress of the Swan Lake, and pulls the story into a happy ending.

I believe that both pieces are more modern, and have a less black-and-white view than the traditional Swan Lake. This adds realism to them, and although many moments are fantastical, people can connect to the emotions that run through them.

Post by Carmen, 15

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