Book Review: Mortal Instruments

Just this year the fourth book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare came out. It is called The City of Fallen Angels in the title style of the previous books. As there is a long waiting list I was unable to read it yet, so instead I’ll talk about her previous books.

The first is called The City of Bones, and provides a good introduction to the world they live in and how the characters start out. This sets them up for the changes in later books. There is immediately a gripping plot line as to who Valentine is and what he wants.

Next comes The City of Ashes, which continues with the story of Clary, Jace, and Simon. The love triangle between them adds suspense to the story, as each tries to understand their feelings for the others. There is a heavy focus on relationships in this book as well as the growing problems with Valentine and his plans. It makes for an exciting read and a rush to find out what happens in the third book.

The third book is The City of Glass, which takes place mostly in the city of Shadow hunters. It provides background as to who Valentine is and also who Jace and Clary are. There are a couple of unexpected romances in this one, as well as ones that had waited too long. Doubt, fear, and anger come to a head, but the cast learns to work together in order to defeat their enemy.

Post by Carmen, 15

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