How I Made A Steampunk Mask

At my school, the eighth grade always make masks at the end of the year. For mine, I made a steampunk-inspired design. I wanted to make a Sci-Fi mask, but I couldn’t come up with an idea. Then the idea of a steampunk mask hit me. After I looked up steampunk masks on Google© Images, I had plenty of ideas. Below are the instructions that I used for mine.

For the mask I used:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Gesso
  • Saran Wrap
  • A partner
  • Black and silver duct tape
  • 3 plastic cups
  • Brown and gold paint
  • A hot glue gun
  • Two gold plastic bottle caps
  • Metal or Plastic decorations


1.      Lay down on a table and wrap your face with Saran wrap. Have a partner cover your face with wet strips of plaster of Paris.

2.      After the mask has dried, cover it with gesso, to make it last longer. After that has dried, you can paint the mask. I did mine in brown, but any dark or metallic colors would go well with a steampunk mask.

3.      The next step is to do the decorations. I will include how I did mine, but there are plenty of other ideas to do.

4.      I used two plastic-gear like pieces and painted them both a pearlescent gold to give the mask mechanical look.

5.      I found a small metal  Iron-Cross shaped piece, w

hich gave the mask a slight Victorian look.

6.      For the goggles, I covered two small plastic cups in black and silver duct tape.

7.      For the mouthpiece, I did the same, but added small slit-like strips on the front.

8.      I used two small gold plastic bottle caps from Torani© flavored syrup bottles and placed them on the cheeks.

9.      Next I hot glued the pieces to the mask.

10.  To make the goggles realistic, I used duct tape to hold them on the mask.

Some useful books to use as research:

Steampunk Style Jewelry

The Steampunk Bible (The Library doesn’t own any copies of this book, but it’s pretty useful)

Post by Nils, teen blogger

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