College Search Series: Admissions Essays

[Yesterday, we brought you a similar post by . Read them both to get a fuller idea of how to approach the college application essay.]

The college essay is your chance to let your individuality shine through to the admissions counselors to show them who you really are. A wonderful essay can influence your chances of getting into the college of your dreams. Here are twelve tips to create a remarkable college essay:

  • Give yourself enough time to write the essay
  • Be genuine-do not try to be too out-of–the box with your thoughts, just be yourself
  • Focus on fewer ideas with more depth
  • Use an attention-grabbing topic sentence
  • Be descriptive, include details, and use adjectives
  • Use sensory detail instead of explanation in your writing
  • Write ideas clearly
  • Avoid controversial topics
  • Use complete sentences and correct grammar in your writing
  • Have the essay edited and peer-reviewed multiple times before sending it in
  • Do not duplicate essays. Unless they are on the Common Application, make the essays specific to the school
  • Be sure to communicate what makes you special and unique in your essay-there is only one of YOU in the world, and you possess special thoughts, opinions, and experiences that no one else does. If you communicate what you value about yourself to the admissions counselors, they will value your gifts, too.

Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy yourself as you let your thoughts flow out onto the paper. Have fun writing!

Click here for a list of a few titles that will help you master the College Admission Essay. You can also take advantage of the Library’s free online tutors to help polish your writing (library card and pin number required for sign in).

This is the end of my college search series. To all of you, I wish you the best of luck as you undergo the process and hope you find a school that allows you to find happiness and flourish!

[Click here to read ‘s post on the college application essay – taken together, these two are so helpful!]

Meagan, Teen Advisory Group
Northeast Branch

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