Steampunk Manga You Will Love

Steampunk takes place in either an alternate future where, for instance, the time period and the people are the same but the event is portrayed in a different manner, or the story can take place in an entirely different fantasy world.

In these worlds steam power is the dominant source of energy, yet the machinery that they use is much more advanced than the machinery in that particular era, such as steam-powered flying boats or steam-powered time machines. Over the years steampunk has also developed its own form of living. Some people have taken to the steampunk ideas about the potential of humans, while some people have taken to the clothing style of steampunk which is a cut-off of the Victorian style.

Steam Detectives, by Kia Asamiya takes place in Steam City, a technologically advanced city where steam is the main source of power. In result of this high advance in technology steam-powered robots were made called Megamatons. Megamatons are used by the criminals to carry out their evil deeds of the controller. In this crime-ridden city you follow the adventures of the compassionate child detective Narutaki and his mysterious nurse assistant Hsu Ling Ling in their fight to defend the city against Dr. Guilty, Night Phantom, and the many other criminals that reside within Steam City.

D. Gray-man, by Katsura Hoshino, takes place at the end of the 19th century. The series follows the adventures of Allen Walker, a young Exorcist from the Black Order in his adventures to find the Innocence. Allen Walker and the order strive to defeat the Millennium Earl and his plans to destroy humanity. Along his journey he is followed by his companion Lavi who accompanies Allen on his adventures and records the events that Allen experiences.

The manga Gin Tama, by Hideaki Sorachi, is set in the current time in a place called Edo, formally known as Tokyo, but later renamed because it was taken over by aliens called Amanto. The story follows a freelancer, samurai Gintoki Sakata, and his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura in their journey to pay the rent and save the Bakufu from being destroyed by Shinsuke Takasugi.

Steampunk is a great genre for fantasy and technology lovers. It stretches out through a large variety of interests making it a very fun, diverse and inspiring read to those who like to read manga. Give steampunk a try because it can be a very interesting read.

Review by Corrina

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