Student Assistants needed @ the Library!

Applications for The Student Assistant Program at The Seattle Public Library are currently being accepted until:

Monday, October 31st @ 5:00 p.m. 

For more information see:

Seattle Public Library Student Assistant

Ken interviewing Bushra

 Bushra is a recent Student Assistant at the High Point Branch.  Bushra was interviewed by Ken, Teen Services Librarian, at the High Point Branch before he left to take another position in the library.  He attended Ingraham High School and currently attends Seattle Community College. 

Ken:  How did you hear about STA Program, Bushra?

Bushra:  I had a family member working at a branch.  She told me.  My World History Teacher my sophomore year at Ingraham High School told me also about the program.  I applied twice to the program and after the second time I heard back.  It was in October 2009 that my application was accepted.  I interviewed in February 2010 and was hired in March 2010.  The process takes time with the library.  To have a good recommendation from your teacher/counselor you must have good attendance in school.  It is important for your application to get a good reference from your teacher. 

Ken:  Did you have a job before this one?

Bushra:  Yes, I worked at Safeway grocery store for a while.  It is not necessary to have job experience to apply for the STA position.  It was my first time to create a resume and a cover letter.  In the cover letter you need to praise yourself or talk about your good qualities that you can bring to the library.  I mailed in my application but it is ok to turn in to any library branch before the deadline of Oct 31st at 5 p.m.  It is important to turn in the application on time.  My advice is to give the essay good attention to write a good one.  If you make it to the testing round: use your time well during it.  After I was accepted they trained me for two weeks.  I learned the circulation and shelving system.  There was lots of instruction on the Children’s area where there are many different collections. 


Ken: How do you like working at the library? 

Bushra:The schedule is flexible around a student’s school schedule.  You have access to a lot of books.  You learn how to deal with people from different cultures and groups.  You learn computer skills.  As an STA you get paid every two weeks.  The program can last up to three years.  I am moving on to become a Library Associate I at the Southwest branch. 

Ken:  What other advice can you share with teens?

Bushra:  This is a great job if you want to learn.  You have to like the work.  You have to dream that you will get the job.

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