Theater Review: Nathan Hale's "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"

Nathan Hale High School recently performed their fall musical “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.” It was a great family show with several strong actors. The theme was about Charlie Brown struggling to fit into his small town and then eventually getting comfortable with who he really is.

I loved how the actors got me caught up in the play and made me feel like singing and dancing with them. The props were amazing and colorful, which made me wonder if high schoolers actually made them because they looked so professional. The songs were catchy and the singing made me jump. Since Charlie Brown and his friends are supposed to be little kids, the actors made their voices high pitched. This challenged their singing, but they did a good job. Sadly I went to Nathan Hale’s final performance of “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” this fall, but if you’d like the hear the music from the Broadway cast, you can find it at the library.

Stay tuned for Nathan Hale’s spring musical, “Hair Spray”! 


–Taylor, Teen Center Advisor, 14


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