Teen Review: The Lion King (Movie)

I saw this movie in September when it opened in the theaters… But I will still review it since it’s such a good movie. I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw it. And I know everyone knows it.  THE LION KING! Childhood memories much? The Lion King was an amazing animated movie. I can even say that it is my favorite movie of all time. Well, maybe not. But it’s pretty darn close! This movie was in 3D, which made it all the more fun.

If you don’t know, this movie starts with animals gathering around to look at the newborn son of the lion king and queen, Mufasa and Sarabi. Scar, the younger brother of Mufasa, is not happy with the birth and soon starts to plot against the kingdom.

The movie had great music and the songs/music are the ones that always get stuck in your head. But it’s always fun to sing to them. I actually have some on my iPod right now! I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. No matter what age, I am sure that it will bring the memories of your childhood out. It sure did for me. It made me feel like a kid again. And it is honestly one of the best feelings even if I am just a teenager. I loved it so much, I would definitely go watch it again. Maybe I should go buy the new DVD. Or check it out in the library? Because I know for a fact, it’s here but it’s very popular so better put a hold on it! I sense a Disney classic movie marathon now! Go watch!

–Teresa, 14, Teen Center Advisor

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