Best Bites of Seattle

As a foodie, I planned on giving out some gift certificates to favorite eateries this holiday season. Which begged the question: what’s the best Seattle has to offer? It was then I realized that all of my favorite places are simple, hole-in-the-wall joints ignored by most of Seattle’s denizens… Hopefully no longer! I now share with the world this compendium of Seattle’s Best Bites Which Are Affordable, Undiscovered by Most Seattleites and In No Particular Order.

1. Fainting Goat Gelato — Okay, perhaps this one deserves to be numero uno. I thought that Baskin Robbins made quality ice cream until I tried this, and never turned back. Hands down, these are the best frozen goods available in the Seattle area (even better than Molly Moon’s). Despite the local ingredients, the unique flavors are out of this world. (Personal recommendation: Nutella or Pink Grapefruit Sorbetto– but all are sublime).

2. Uneeda Burger — I’m not really a “burger person.” Like a true Seattleite, I usually prefer fresh salmon… but you really can’t turn these gourmet patties down. Also made with local, organic ingredients and a variety of meat options, you can chow down simple or hardcore for a reasonable price. (Shakes are also highly recommended.)

3. Piroshky, Piroshky — I spotted this little treasure along the crowded corners of the Pike Place Market several summers back. These Russian pastries make for one of the best Pike vendors and the perfect, quick lunch. (Personal Favorite: Potato, Onion and Cheese piroshky. I have yet to try the desserts!).

4. El Camion — The Mexican taco trucks have become the Next Big (Food) Thing in Seattle. This, among others, is my personal preference and can be found at Qwest/Safeco field games or 15th/Market in Ballard. Authentic and spicy! Muy bueno.

  5. Veraci’s — Pizza at its finest! Handmade, thin  crust, flavorful/aromatic toppings and an old- fashioned stone oven combine to create a pizza worth dying for. These guys are family-owned and often appear at community events, so keep an eye out. Even so, you should check them out at their location in Ballard.

Interested in finding more opportunities to dine fine in Seattle? Check out this book: Food Lover’s Guide to Seattle.

Best of luck on your gastronomical adventures!

Maddie, 15, Teen Center Advisor

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