Book Group: Always Running

Always RunningWhen the Library brought Luis Rodriguez to Seattle in November, students at Consejo read his book and wrote about their reactions to it. We have been posting some of their thoughts on the book. Here, our last two teen authors share their ideas.

What I mostly think  about the book is that there are so many gang memebers that die. Like in the book, it send “100,00 Poeple and 800 gangs , nearly 600 young people got killed.

What makes me sad is that kids are in gangs, and that they die at a young age. People should open their eyes and know the reason why they wanted to be in a gang.  Luis has a son named Ramiro. Ramiro’s mother has a brother that is in a gang, too. So I think that his son was going to be in a gang because the people he has around him– there are many way he can get in.  So I think one of them should change his life around and show his son better and daughter to cause maybe they not like what they see if they are in.

–Rosa Salazar, 14

What I liked about the book is that he put so many details in the book. That made it  more emotional and more interesting. I never thought he would lose all his friends, and be the only one left.

Living the vida loca is hard. To be getting beaten up the whole time, mostly when you want to get out, and making you do things u don’t want to do. Luis Rodgiuez went though a lot that I just cant imagine.

–Yuliza Martinez Perez, 13

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