What’s New with Homework Help

Is this a good topic sentence?

What happens during photosynthesis?

Why are there all these x’s and y’s on my math worksheet?

You know you can get help with these and other homework questions at the library, right? Homework Help volunteers hang out at eleven Seattle Public Library branches after school. Plus, Online Homework Help is available every day through the library website. (Here’s the Homework Help page). Any grade, any subject, it’s all free and there’s no need to sign up—just log on or drop by!

But you might not know about the new things going on this year:

  • Homework Helpers are now available at the High Point Branch.
  • You can find Homework Helpers who speak Spanish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Lake City Branch, as well as a Homework Helper who speaks Vietnamese on Thursdays.
  • And the Douglass-Truth Branch is the only branch where you’ll find a Homework Helper on Sundays—and he also speaks Spanish.

Homework Helpers, whether you visit them in person or chat with them online, can help you figure out assignments, proofread your work, or explain confusing concepts. And, of course, librarians can help you with research. Here’s a handy link: Ask a Librarian.

Now I can finally write a topic sentence about how x’s convert to y’s during photosynthesis!

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