What's Your Water Footprint?

Photograph via UNICEF Photography

How much do you know about water and food scarcity? Probably not as much as the people that have to deal with it every day.  Chief Sealth International High School is hosting a World Water Week event March 19th – 23rd. The goal is to educate students, staff, families and the rest of the community about the lack of food and clean water in some parts of the world.

How does this affect you? Simple: you use water. You eat food. What would you do if you had to walk several miles just to get a glass of dirty water- the same water that people bathe in? What if your favorite thing in the world was running around with your friends, but you never had the energy because there was never enough food?

What if, due to malnutrition, your little sister or brother died?

Wondering what to do?  For now, just be aware.  Educate yourself on the subject.  You can start with Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, by Steven Solomon or the documentary Tapped.   And National Geographic has a handy Water Footprint Calculator, if you’d like to get in touch with your impact on the world’s water supply.

You can also save water whenever and wherever you can. Get involved with programs like The Water Project , Why Water or UNICEF.   Most importantly, spread the word!

Keep an eye on Sealth’s World Water Week blog  for more news, including an event at Southwest Community Center in West Seattle on March 23rd (details forthcoming!) for all teens in the Seattle area.

Kenaia, former Teen Center Advisor

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