Facebook Rearranges Your Life

Everything changes rapidly in the Internet world. Facebook is a popular website for many people and the company has recently made new changes.  When you open your “wall” on Facebook–which is your basically your homepage–it can now be arranged as a timeline.  Everything you do and post on Facebook is listed on the timeline.  When you go back to see your posts from months before, your wall now tells a story to all your friends showing dates and times.  The original Facebook layout on your “wall” did not really have much to it.  This new format makes it really fun for the reader.

Personally, I like this new layout better and I really enjoy looking at my friends’ timelines because they’re less complicated that the old layout. The timeline tells a story with pictures and posts.  The photos are also larger,which makes it more visually appealing.  Right now, Facebook allows you to keep the older format if you wish, but that will soon change. Facebook plans to eventually make the change for you.  So many people are updating their “walls” to reflect the new timeline format so they can control the format.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the new timeline layout, or do you prefer the traditional “wall”?Social Networking

Need more information before you decide?  You can find out more about Facebook by checking out this social networking book or Facebook for Dummies.

Taylor, 14 — Teen Center Advisor

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