The Violin: Do You Have What It Takes?

Want to start a new instrument? Are you thinking about the violin? If so, here are some tips about the violin so you can decide for yourself.

The violin- an instrument that can sing a soft lullaby to a fast folk song. As a violinist myself, playing for almost seven years, I chose the violin because it makes a beautiful sound when played. It’s an instrument that can be easily carried around–unlike the piano. It’s better to start violin young to train yourself to the positions and note reading. Violins can play many different kinds of musical styles, and an orchestra always needs more violins than any other instrument. The violin is a great instrument to show off
on, because most of the time it gets the “action” parts.  In an orchestra, the violin is almost always the melody and lead parts.

Along with the pros, the violin has cons too. First of all, even though violins are very popular, they are one of the hardest instruments to play. For example, when plucking the strings of the violin, you will at least produce some kind of sound.  But when dragging the bow across the string board, without knowing how to play, you will get that ugly squeaky sound. That’s why violins only sound good when played correctly, with good hand positioning. If you take a year of guitar classes, let’s say, and compare them to a violinist who has been taking classes for a year as well, the guitarist will sound a lot better; which is why it’s better to start young and stick with it for a long time to get good. Violins can be very Violinexpensive too. Cheap ones will start at about a hundred dollars, but good one like for a career should be at least two thousand dollars. (There have even been violins that sell for a few million!)

If you are interested in learning the violin, try this book as a place to start.  Have I talked you out of it?  Maybe you’d like to try learning the guitar instead.

–Navya, 14, Teen Center Advisor

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